Woman who helped develop NFP dies

Details, from CNS:  Dr. Evelyn Billings, who with her husband, John, pioneered research that led them to develop a form of natural family planning supported by the Catholic church, died Saturday after a short illness. She was 95. The Australian pediatrician joined her physician-husband’s team in 1965 as he was researching a more reliable method [Read More...]

That time of the month: introducing the NFP app

Yep. Simcha Fischer has all the details: When I spotted this app, I was delighted to see that it’s extremely similar to my Creighton chart.  It’s designed for the Billings Ovulation Method, which tracks a woman’s cervical fluid to establish times of fertility. (NB: I’m using a Billings app for a Creighton method of charting, and [Read More...]