“The Most Compelling Modern Story of Faith That I Know Of…”

A great story of a group of sisters setting out to build a Catholic community in Kansas, from the Wichita Eagle:  It was on faith that the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Wichita broke from their California order and came to Wichita in 1976, and it’s on faith that they’re now endeavoring [Read More...]

Sister, Get Your Gun

These pictures were accompanied by the headline, “Mother’s First Deer.” They come from this site for the Sisters of Reparation in Ohio. When Maria was singing about “Doe, a deer, a female deer,” I don’t think she had this mind… [Read more...]

A Deacon Writes of His Own Conversion: “What a Difference a Habit Can Make”

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has invited Deacon Richard Ballard as a guest blogger this week over at Standing on my Head.  He writes of a chance encounter with a habited nun at a hospital when he was seven-years-old — a meeting that may well have changed his life: With a variety of comic books in hand, [Read More...]

The Trappist nuns of Syria: “Christian hope…is stronger than all the horrors”

Eight years ago, a small group of Trappist nuns founded a monastery in Syria, in the countryside along the border with Lebanon. The atmosphere, while heavily guarded, remains tense.  Why do they stay when every day puts their lives at risk? An Italian news service recently interviewed the sisters.  Read the conversation here. Last fall, [Read More...]

Nuns launch radio show in Texas

They aren’t exactly flying nuns, but they’re definitely on the air. Details:  Yesterday we spent some time at the Guadalupe Radio Network studios prepping for our new weekly live show, A Good Habit. It debuts this coming Wednesday, May 1st, at 1pm. We hope you’ll not only tune in, but call in, as we’ll be devoting part of [Read More...]

Vatican statement on LCWR: “Pope Francis reaffirmed the program of reform”

From the Vatican website:   Today the Superiors of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith met with the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in the United States of America. Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain, Archbishop of Seattle and the Holy See’s Delegate for the Doctrinal Assessment of the LCWR, also [Read More...]

Sister act: nun charged with voter fraud

It happened during the presidential election last fall: An Ohio nun was charged with voter fraud for casting an absentee ballot in the 2012 presidential election that belonging to a fellow sister who had died, authorities have said. Sister Marguerite Kloos, 54, allegedly voted both under her own name and under the name of Sister [Read More...]

Dominican sisters to be featured on American Bible Challenge TV show

They were stars on Oprah, and now they’re headed to another hit TV show:  TEAM SISTERS OF MARY Hometown:  Ann Arbor, MI Charity:  Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.  Any winnings will be used to provide for the futures of the Sisters in the Order, and to ensure that they are provided for as they [Read More...]

Just what we’ve been waiting for: nuns doing the “Harlem Shake”!

Courtesy Sister Rose.  Check it out below. [Read more...]

Meet “the most powerful woman in Rome”

Details:  If the leadership of American nuns is the vanguard of a progressive spirit up against the Vatican, Mother Tekla Famiglietti is a throwback to the past: an orthodox leader who learned the rules of the game and wields power in the all-male world of the Roman Curia. The 75-year-old head of an international order [Read More...]