The Christians of Occupy Wall Street

Some Christians are making their voices heard in the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York, and the New York Times spoke with some of them: At Occupy Wall Street and the allied events, there are police officers in the symbolic 99 percent, wearing uniforms. There are self-proclaimed mothers in the 99 percent. There are [Read More...]

The Catholic Worker adds its voice to Occupy Wall Street

What would Dorothy Day think? Details: Soon after legendary folk singer Loudon Wainwright III finished performing for cheering protesters in Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon, telling them that the Occupy Wall Street encampment reminded him of the 1968 “Summer of Love,” a Catholic Worker band called the Filthy Rotten System showed up. Bud Courtney, who plays [Read More...]

Occupy Wall Street gets religion

The Associated Press looks at some of the religious voices being heard in this protest movement: Downtown Dewey Square is crammed with tents and tarps of Occupy Boston protesters, but organizers made sure from the start of this weeks-old encampment that there was room for the holy. No shoes are allowed in the “Sacred Space” [Read More...]

"Horrific": church attacked, desecrated in Rome violence

It happened near the Lateran basilica during the “day of rage” planned for many cities around the world yesterday.  Details: The Vatican has condemned Saturday’s violent clashes in central Rome including an attack by protesters on a church in which a crucifix and a statue of the Virgin Mary were destroyed. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi [Read More...]