Cheers: Catholic Charities opens bar to raise money

From FOX in Phoenix: Catholic Charities has opened up a new bar in Phoenix — a coffee and wine bar. The nonprofit is venturing into the business side. Yeah, it’s not something you would normally put together — a Catholic charity and the bar scene. But the nonprofit is blending the two, catering to the coffee, wine, [Read More...]

Ordination update: 16 new deacons for Phoenix

A reader dropped me an e-mail about this.  Evidently, it happened on November 10.  But I had to really hunt to find news about it on the diocesan website.  There was nothing on the Diocese of Phoenix Facebook page, either.  I finally found a link to the Catholic Sun, and was able to search its [Read More...]

UPDATE: Last Catholic hospital in Phoenix NOT stripped of its status

 Earlier reports were incorrect. UPDATE: The diocese today released a statement: Contrary to reports in the media, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center has not been stripped of its Catholic status. The hospital is in the process of renewing its status and ensuring its compliance with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. This [Read More...]

Phoenix bans altar girls from serving at cathedral

I imagine this news will stir up some debate around the diocese: The Rev. John Lankeit, rector of the cathedral, said he made the decision in hopes of promoting the priesthood for males and other religious vocations, such as becoming a nun, for females. Made up primarily of fifth- through eighth-graders the altar-server corps in [Read More...]

"The procedure performed at St. Joseph's…cannot be described as an abortion"

Anyone who’s been following the still-unfolding story in Phoenix should take time to read this compelling and revealing posting by Grant Gallicho at dotCommonweal: Last summer, Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix asked Catholic Healthcare West to provide a moral analysis of the case that started this controversy. So CHW secured the services of the moral theologian M. [Read More...]

Catholic Health Association defends abortion at hospital

Following up on yesterday’s big news out of Phoenix, a leading Catholic health group has come to the hospital’s defense, after the local bishop stripped the facility of its designation as “Catholic”: Contradicting a local bishop responsible for determining compliance with Roman Catholic healthcare ethics, Catholic Health Association President and CEO Sister Carol Keehan is [Read More...]

BREAKING: Phoenix hospital stripped of Catholic status – UPDATED

Details, from the wires: A Phoenix hospital has been stripped of its ability to call itself Catholic because of a surgery that ended a woman’s pregnancy to save her life. Bishop Thomas Olmsted announced the decision to remove St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s Catholic status at a news conference Tuesday. Olmsted says “the equal [Read More...]

Bishop threatens to strip hospital of Catholic status

You probably remember the controversy that erupted earlier this year when a nun approved an abortion at a Phoenix Catholic hospital. The story isn’t over. Details, from USA TODAY: The Catholic bishop of Phoenix will strip St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center of its Catholic status on Friday if the hospital’s parent company, Catholic Healthcare [Read More...]