So just what, exactly, is an Apostolic Nuncio?

The sudden death of Pietro Sambi may have a few people wondering.  Sambi had a critical role in planning Pope Benedict’s trip to the U.S. (below) in 2008.  But that’s just the beginning. A good explanation, from the USCCB: The nuncio is the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States.  (The United States and the Holy [Read More...]

Apostolic Nuncio Pietro Sambi dies — UPDATED

Rocco broke the news late yesterday, and notes that it’s the first time a papal legate to the U.S. has died in office: Pope Benedict’s representative to these shores since 2006 — and tipped to be in line for a Vatican post just a few weeks back — Sambi turned 73 in late June. As [Read More...]