“Solidarity” and “Encounter” Become Themes in Francis’ Papacy

After mentioning his desire for a “culture of encounter” a few weeks ago—specifically in regard to atheists— and emphasizing the need for “a culture of solidarity and encounter”  recently in connection with the poor, Pope Francis used the terms again in a recorded address for the blind: This morning the Holy Father sent the following audio [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Religious Freedom is More Often Declared Than Achieved”

From CNS: Religious freedom is talked about more than it is protected, Pope Francis said. “The serious violations inflicted on this basic right are causes of serious concern,” and the world’s nations must act together to uphold “the intangible dignity of the human person against every attack,” he said. The pope made his comments during [Read More...]

An Evangelical Writes: “He’s Our Francis, Too”

Timothy George. the dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, writes in Christianity Today: We see already an intimation of Saint Francis in Pope Francis. There is his simple apparel: black street shoes instead of the calfskin red of his predecessors, simple white cassock minus gold-embroidered accessories. In addition, a pope who lives in [Read More...]

The Pope Quotes The Anchoress?

Well, maybe not exactly. But he comes very close to it. He uses the central thesis of her new book as a springboard for today’s homily:  As is custom the Pope reflected on the daily readings and the Gospel episode that recounts the scribe who approached Jesus to ask which, in his opinion, “is the [Read More...]

Francis: A Pope for the Age of Twitter

A great insight from Elizabeth Tenety at the Washington Post:  In homilies and speeches in the months since assuming the Seat of Saint Peter, Pope Francis has demonstrated his simple style applies not only to his dress and living accommodations –but to the words he uses to share the faith. A few recent examples: Eternity “will not be boring.” [Read More...]

Think Mass Is Too Long? Pope Francis Has A Solution.

The answer is joy! From this morning’s homily:  The Holy Spirit is the “author” of Christian joy and to proclaim the Gospel we need to have joy in our hearts gifted us by the Spirit of God. There is a certain understanding of Christian life that is marked by sadness, but long faces cannot proclaim [Read More...]

Will We Ever Get Complete Texts of the Pope’s Daily Homilies?

Today, the Vatican seemed to indicate no. Here’s the statement from Fr. Federico Lombardi: The very great interest aroused by the Pope’s brief homilies in the course of the Masses celebrated every  morning in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta, poses and continues to pose  often the question  from different parts  on the possibility [Read More...]

Pope Francis Will Make First Trip to Assisi

From CNS:  Pope Francis will visit the birthplace of his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, on the saint’s feast day, Oct. 4. The Vatican confirmed the trip May 23. Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi said he was thrilled about the visit and that it was “a great sign” of the pope’s benevolence and consideration. “It [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ First Encyclical: “Blessed Are the Poor”?

An interesting tidbit from Rorate Caeli: Following his recent visit ad limina with the bishops of his region, the Bishop of Molfetta (Apulia, Italy), Luigi Martella, spoke of the conversation they had with the new Pope, including the following: Then, he spoke to us about Benedict XVI with such tenderness: “When I met him for [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Prayer Works Wonders, But We Have to Believe!”

Highlights from the pope’s homily for Monday: Courageous, humble and strong prayer can accomplish miracles: this was Pope Francis’ message at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta. The Pope was commenting on Monday’s Gospel passage which recounts the disciples failure to heal a child; Jesus himself must intervene and laments the disbelief of those present. [Read More...]