Pope Francis Releases “Light of Faith,” First Encyclical

Reaction and analysis is pouring in. From John Allen:  In what Pope Francis has referred to as a document written by “four hands,” meaning his and those of his predecessor, Benedict XVI, the new pope’s first encyclical insists that Christian faith “must be professed in all its purity and integrity,” but also strikes a  pose of open arms [Read More...]

Pope Francis Praises Benedict’s “Courage” in Retiring, Calls on Faithful to Follow Conscience

Details:  Pope Francis on Sunday praised his predecessor, Benedict XVI, for courageously following his conscience in deciding to retire. Benedict became the first pontiff in 600 years to quit the post when he resigned in February, paving the way for Francis’ election as pope two weeks later. By lauding Benedict’s surprise choice to step down, [Read More...]

Cardinal Pell: “The Pope does not want the Vatican to be seen as a Renaissance court”

Details from Vatican Insider: The cardinal archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, in Rome for various meetings in the Vatican, granted me this interview on June 24, in which he shared his impressions on Pope Francis’s first 100 days in office and discussed the reform of the Roman Curia. “We’ve got a different type of Pope” who [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “We Are All Equal”

From today’s General Audience:  Today I would like briefly to refer to one more picture that helps us to illustrate the mystery of the Church: that of the temple (cf. Lumen Gentium, 6). What does the word, ‘temple’ call to mind? It makes us think of a building, a construction. In particular, it recalls to [Read More...]

“We’re Settling into a Fascinating Pontificate…”

So says veteran Vaticanista John Thavis. I was lucky enough to hear him offer that assessment in person, last week in Denver. Fortunately, he’s also published it on his blog:  I don’t want to recap Pope Francis’ 100-day “greatest hits” here. Instead, I’d like to identify a few core characteristics and directions that seem to [Read More...]

Pope Francis Meets Archbishop of Canterbury

Below, the text of his remarks following the meeting:  Your Grace, Dear Friends, On the happy occasion of our first meeting, I make my own the words of Pope Paul VI, when he addressed Archbishop Michael Ramsey during his historic visit in 1966: “Your steps have not brought you to a foreign dwelling … we [Read More...]

“Solidarity” and “Encounter” Become Themes in Francis’ Papacy

After mentioning his desire for a “culture of encounter” a few weeks ago—specifically in regard to atheists— and emphasizing the need for “a culture of solidarity and encounter”  recently in connection with the poor, Pope Francis used the terms again in a recorded address for the blind: This morning the Holy Father sent the following audio [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Religious Freedom is More Often Declared Than Achieved”

From CNS: Religious freedom is talked about more than it is protected, Pope Francis said. “The serious violations inflicted on this basic right are causes of serious concern,” and the world’s nations must act together to uphold “the intangible dignity of the human person against every attack,” he said. The pope made his comments during [Read More...]

An Evangelical Writes: “He’s Our Francis, Too”

Timothy George. the dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, writes in Christianity Today: We see already an intimation of Saint Francis in Pope Francis. There is his simple apparel: black street shoes instead of the calfskin red of his predecessors, simple white cassock minus gold-embroidered accessories. In addition, a pope who lives in [Read More...]

The Pope Quotes The Anchoress?

Well, maybe not exactly. But he comes very close to it. He uses the central thesis of her new book as a springboard for today’s homily:  As is custom the Pope reflected on the daily readings and the Gospel episode that recounts the scribe who approached Jesus to ask which, in his opinion, “is the [Read More...]