Pope asks flock in Argentina to stay home for installation, give money to charity instead

Remarkable:  Apostolic Nunciature Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, March 14, 2013 Your Excellency, I have the honor and the satisfaction of turning to you to inform you that the Holy Father Francis has asked me to transmit to all Bishops, Priests, Religious men and women, and to all the People of God his cherished recognition for [Read More...]

The Franciscan style

Rocco has a few observations:  Beyond scaling back the pomp surrounding his early morning stop at St Mary Major – where he spent a solid half hour in prayer before the protectress of Rome, the ancient image of the Salus Populi Romani – this morning’s La Repubblica reports that the new Pope wanted his retinue to ensure that the basilica [Read More...]

The first homily of Pope Francis

Complete text, via the Vatican News site: In these three readings I see that there is something in common: it is movement. In the first reading, movement is the journey [itself]; in the second reading, movement is in the up-building of the Church. In the third, in the Gospel, the movement is in [the act [Read More...]

Who’s that guy with the white hat?

Not sure who shot this, but evidently one of the cardinals on the bus yesterday made good use of his cell phone to snap the memorable occasion that Cardinal Dolan described yesterday. N.B. He didn’t even sit in the front row. Or take a window seat. [Read more...]

“This is a pope from Galilee”

That’s what a French journalist said in 1978, when Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II.  The cardinals hadn’t elected a man from Poland, he wired back to his office.  They’d picked one from Galilee. More and more, I am getting the same feeling about Pope Francis. From John Thavis:  One of the first things [Read More...]

Memo to priests: there’s a new guy to mention at Mass

My blog neighbor and brother in Holy Orders, Fr. Mike Duffy, takes note (and uses duct tape): Read his reflections on this momentous event, as a new priest welcomes a new pope. [Read more...]

“Today, the place for Christ is in the street”

The man we now know as Pope Francis, preaching on Palm Sunday 2008:  Today, here in Buenos Aires, like in Jerusalem on that day, the street made way for Jesus. The street received Him properly. The crowd stood, begged for blessings, blessings for their families, blessings for their businesses, their houses, their autos…  Blessing, what does [Read More...]

Why Bergoglio?

As usual, John Allen has some great parsing of what happened yesterday and how the new pope reached the magic number of 77 votes: First, cardinals who spoke in pre-conclave interviews about the desirability of electing a pope from outside the West probably saw him as their best bet, especially given the strong support he [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: NBC News states the obvious

A classic headline this morning, from NBC News: Status quo leader: Same-sex marriage, abortion unlikely under Pope Francis [Read more...]

Pope Francis, soccer fan

An interesting tidbit from Reuters:  The new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is not above the passion his countrymen share for soccer and is an avid a fan of San Lorenzo, one of Argentina’s top clubs. Bergoglio, who took the name Pope Francis when he was elected to the post on Wednesday, received his San Lorenzo membership card after saying mass at a [Read More...]