The pope’s parting message: “The Church lives along the course of time by transforming Herself…”

From Vatican Radio, the translation of Pope Benedict’s remarks to the cardinals this morning: +++ Dear beloved brothers I welcome you all with great joy and cordially greet each one of you. I thank Cardinal Angelo Sodano, who as always, has been able to convey the sentiments of the College, Cor ad cor loquitur. Thank [Read More...]

Speaking of Joseph: another timely prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours

From today’s Morning Prayer, Psalm 79: Lord, tend Your vine… Shepherd of Israel, listen – you who take Joseph as your flock. Shine out before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh – you who are enthroned upon the cherubim. Awaken your power and come to us, come to us and save us. Bring us back, O [Read More...]

Pope pledges “unconditional reverence and obedience” to his successor

From Voice of America:  Outgoing Pope Benedict has met with his cardinals ahead of boarding a helicopter and flying to the papal retreat south of Rome Thursday, where he will officially end his reign. In remarks Thursday to the cardinals, broadcast on Vatican television, the pope pledged to show “unconditional reverence and obedience” to the [Read More...]

Pope Joe?

A favorite story of Blessed Pope John XXIII—the man born Joseph Roncalli—tells of how he greeted a visiting delegation of Jews at the Vatican and announced, “I’m Joseph, your brother.” Now Joanne McPortland is making the persuasive case that what the church needs is not necessarily another John XXIII (who is irreplaceable) or Benedict XVI [Read More...]

Historic video: the pope’s final blessing

A few weeks ago, this kind of scene was something routine in Rome.  Now, it’s a gesture of gentle farewell. See it below: two minutes of world history that, I think, are unmatched for their poignancy. Watch below, via CNS. [Read more...]

VIDEO: Pope’s final words to his English listeners

From Rome Reports, below. [Read more...]

His final audience: “I do not abandon the cross”

From the Vatican, the full text of Pope Benedict’s final general audience: +++ Venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood! Distinguished Authorities!Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you for coming in such large numbers to this last General Audience of my pontificate. Like the Apostle Paul in the biblical text that we have heard, I [Read More...]

Nuncio: Benedict has “carried out a cleansing of the episcopate”

An interesting detail about the pope, via EWTN:  Throughout his eight-year papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has “carried out a cleansing of the episcopate,” said the apostolic nuncio to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan. “This Pope has removed two or three bishops per month throughout the world because either the accounts in their dioceses were a mess [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s final Mass before heading to Rome

The question some folks were asking: will he be coming back? The shot above was taken at St. John the Evangelist this morning, the parish church located in the New York Catholic Center in Manhattan, where the Archdiocese has its offices (and where I work). The cardinal celebrated Mass with some of the other priests [Read More...]

Vatican: Benedict will be called “Pope emeritus”

Just announced this morning:  Benedict XVI will be “Pontiff emeritus” or “Pope emeritus”, as Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office, reported in a press conference on th final days of the current pontificate. He will keep the name of “His Holiness, Benedict XVI” and will dress in a simple white [Read More...]