“It’s not a sin to be beautiful”

That’s evidently the translation of the headline above, trumpeting Vanity Fair’s story on the pope’s private secretary. Details: Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Pope Benedict’s private secretary, who has been dubbed “Gorgeous George” by the Italian media, is now a real-life cover boy. The prelate has landed on the cover of Vanity Fair. The cover on the [Read More...]

Bishops as modern magi: from Pope Benedict’s homily for Epiphany

From the Holy See’s website today: Following a tradition begun by Pope John Paul II, we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord also as the day when episcopal ordination will be conferred on four priests who will now cooperate in different ways in the ministry of the Pope for the unity of [Read More...]

Need a smile? This should do it.

God bless Tom McDonald for digging up this wonderful picture, which came along at a moment I really needed it.  After the last few days, it gives us all something we sorely need:  Santa Pope!  :-) [Read more...]

“Dear Friends…”

With those two words, Pope Benedict officially entered the Twitterverse, sending out his first papal tweet. From Vatican Radio: Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first-ever message via Twitter under his personal Twitter handle: @pontifex, on Wednesday. “Dear friends,” wrote the Holy Father, “I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank [Read More...]

Pope Benedict makes Forbes “Most Powerful People” list at #5

He’s just below Bill Gates (#4) and above Ben Bernanke (#6). The Forbes thumbnail profile: How’s this for a job description? According to the doctrine of Papal Supremacy, the Pope enjoys “supreme, full, immediate, and universal power” over the souls of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world. They turn to the Vicar of Christ for [Read More...]

Why every deacon needs to read the pope’s latest letter

It is all about diakonia. As Rocco described it: Released by surprise at Roman Noon this Saturday, the following is the Vatican’s official English translation of a motu proprio letter of Benedict XVI on the Catholic identity and ecclesial oversight of the church’s charitable efforts. Initially published in Latin by the Holy See, the text is [Read More...]

Send in the clowns: pope greets circus performers

From AFP: Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday held a private audience for several thousand circus artists, urging them to continue offering “healthy entertainment” despite difficulties posed by the craft. “Thanks to the variety of your professions and the originality of your shows, you know how to surprise, elicit wonder and offer opportunities… for healthy entertainment,” [Read More...]

Ka-ching: Vatican seeking funds from tourists for restoration project

From the Associated Press:  Not even the Vatican is immune from the economic crisis. For the first time, the Vatican is seeking funds directly from pilgrims, collectors and tourists to pay for the ambitious restoration of the 17th century Bernini colonnade surrounding St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office, which sells commemorative coins [Read More...]

U.S. Ambassador to Holy See steps down

Anybody else find the timing of this interesting? Details, from National Catholic Register: The United States Ambassador to the Holy See made a farewell visit to Pope Benedict XVI today. Ambassador Miguel Diaz is leaving his position after just over three years’ service representing the Obama administration. An embassy spokesman said he would probably be [Read More...]

“Love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable…”

“From God we learn to want only the good and never the bad. We learn to look at each other not only with our eyes, but with the eyes of God, which is the gaze of Jesus Christ. A gaze that starts from the heart and does not stop at the surface, that goes beyond [Read More...]