Worth a thousand words

From Fr. Frank Pavone’s Twitter feed this weekend: [Read more...]

Bishop Zurek on Fr. Pavone: "I am seeking clarification and answers…"

Bishop Zurek has posted a public statement on the Diocese of Amarillo website.  Most important part: As a diocesan bishop, I am obligated to show concern for the well being and ministry of all our priests.  I support with no exception the various ministries that the priests of our Diocese carry out for the Common [Read More...]

Fr. Pavone: "Joyfully guilty forever"

That’s what he posted to his Facebook page and on Twitter this morning, responding to the “charge” that he places too much of a priority on fighting abortion. Meanwhile, Dr. Ed Peters continues to question Fr. Pavone’s approach in his ongoing dispute with Amarillo Bishop Zurek: Pavone’s diminished appreciation of diocesan priestly work, coupled with [Read More...]

On Fr. Pavone: "A great leader inspires others to act sacrificially, death to self"

A lot of people here and elsewhere have grabbed torches and pitchforks and are stalking off into the woods in search of Fr. Frank Pavone’s superior, Bishop Zurek.   Dr. Gerard Nadal is trying to call them back: I love the energy and focus that Father Pavone has brought to the pro-life movement. I love [Read More...]

Amarillo bishop widens inquiry into pro-life charities — UPDATED

The probe extends beyond Priests for Life, to include two of its affiliates. From Amarillo.com: Bishop Patrick J. Zurek has demanded that the Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, produce documentation for how donations have been handled by the Staten Island, N.Y., charity’s affiliates Rachel’s Vineyard and Missionaries of the Gospel of [Read More...]

What does the BBB say about Priests for Life?

With all the controversy surrounding Priests for Life right now, I thought it might be interesting to see what the Better Business Bureau Charity Review has to say about them. The BBB looks at how charities run, where the money goes, and whether or not the agencies operate efficiently.   They can tell you, for example, [Read More...]

In the mail this morning: "I'm writing on behalf of Father Frank…"

A colleague at work passed along an interesting and especially timely email he got this morning.  It’s dated yesterday and comes from Priests for Life.  Some of you may have gotten it as well. It begins: I’m writing on behalf of Father Frank [Pavone]. My name is Jerry Horn and I am the Senior Vice [Read More...]