Here’s a great way to help support vocations—and it’s an offer too good to refuse

The folks over at Vocation Boom, the non-profit working to boost vocations to the priesthood, contacted me this morning about a great opportunity for all of you to get involved in their project—and get something extra in return. They’re hoping to expand their offerings over the next several months. To do that, they need bucks. [Read More...]

In the email: “How would a parish take on our family if my husband were a priest?”

A reader sent me the following e-mail, which is an important follow-up on this post regarding married priests:  I have a mentally ill son. He has been difficult to deal with since he was 3, and has been hospitalized twice since he was 15 (he’s 17 now). Our home life is very difficult because of [Read More...]

Faith of our fathers: son of a deacon celebrates first Mass, with his father by his side

From the Charlotte News Herald:  Father Paul McNulty celebrated his first Mass June 29 at St. Patrick Cathedral in Charlotte. His father, Deacon Brian McNulty, chanted the Gospel reading at Mass and assisted Father Paul at the altar during his first Mass. Father Joshua Voitus delivered the homily. Father McNulty’s chalice was a gift from [Read More...]

Priest facing prosecution for using “Allah” to refer to God

From Christian Post:  A Roman Catholic priest and director of a diocesan newspaper in Malaysia is facing prosecution for using the word “Allah” to refer to God in his publication, something that is prohibited by law in the Muslim majority nation. “The situation is quite serious. There is great concern in the Catholic Church because [Read More...]

Jesuit priest and peace activist John Dear dismissed from order

From NCR:  A popular U.S. Catholic priest and author known for his peace writings and some 75 arrests for civil disobedience actions across the country has been dismissed from the international Jesuit religious order, which says he was “obstinately disobedient” to its directives. Removal of Fr. John Dear caps 32 years in the order for [Read More...]

Priest gets a shock when he takes painting on “Antiques Roadshow”

Check the pictures hanging in your rectory, guys.  You never know. Details: A portrait bought for £400 has been revealed as a long-lost van Dyck, worth at least £400,000 after examination at the Antiques Roadshow. Father Jamie McLeod, a Catholic priest, brought the painting to the show after it was originally purchased in a Cheshire [Read More...]

What will Pope Francis do with the Legion of Christ?

From the AP: First, one of the Legion of Christ’s top officials abruptly quit the troubled religious order in frustration over the slow pace of change. Then priests in the cult-like movement empowered proteges and associates of the order’s disgraced founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel, to vote for their next leader. The past month has [Read More...]

“What does faith have to do with doing the dishes?”

That’s just one of the questions in this uplifting interview by Kathryn Lopez with Fr. Scott Hurd, who talks about his terrific new book “When Faith Feels Fragile.”  Snip: KJL: Why do you encourage receiving the Eucharist when faith feels fragile? Shouldn’t you wait until you make sure you believe? Fr. Hurd: The Eucharist is not a [Read More...]

Baltimore welcomes a new priest—and his wife and seven children

From the blog for the Anglican Ordinariate:  On Friday, Nov. 15, after the conclusion of the USCCB Fall Assembly, there was a wonderful ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Albert Scharbach.  Fr. Al was ordained by his boss, Bishop Denis J. Madden, auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, in what has been called “America’s most [Read More...]

Pope calls on priests to be “servants of the sacrament” of forgiveness, says he goes to confession every two weeks

From his Wednesday audience: Speaking to the the faithful during the weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis said the Church accompanies us on our journey of conversion for the whole of our lives, calling us to experience reconciliation in its communal and ecclesial dimension. He said that we receive forgiveness through priests [Read More...]