Quote of the day

“Your priesthood has a great assist in the accessibility of communications technology that men like Billy Graham or Fulton Sheen would have embraced and quickly mastered, to powerful effect. Take advantage of all of this; seize it for the sake of the Gospel. Jesus told us to preach to “all the nations,” and Vatican II [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron on bin Laden's death

Amid all the clamor and noise, a voice of reason and faith. Check it out. [Read more...]

"The favorite trick of the enemy of the Church is to divide us against ourselves…"

A terrific talk — and a very timely one, I think — from one of my favorite preachers, Fr. Robert Barron.  (Hey, when are they gonna make him a monsignor — or better, yet, a bishop?) His message: God’s grace is everywhere, even among those we might not expect. [Read more...]