Indiana Jones and the new translation

Referring to the climactic scene in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” Deacon Bill Ditewig makes some compelling points about the new translation of the Roman Missal — and one word in particular, “chalice.”  For his jumping off point, he uses a new essay by Rev. John Donahue, S.J. on the topic. Snip from Deacon Bill: [Read More...]

Homily for November 27, 2011: 1st Sunday of Advent

[Click here for the readings.] If I had to name the most inspiring hour of television I’ve seen this past year, it would be no contest: it was Diane Sawyer’s interview earlier this month with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. To see and hear Gabby Giffords, to see how alive she was after so many had literally [Read More...]

Now hear this: the new missal translation for the deaf

With so much attention focused on preparing the faithful for the new Roman Missal, it’s worth noting that it’s being translated into yet another language — the language of the deaf. The National Catholic Reporter notes: Across the country, deaf and hard-of-hearing Catholic communities and their interpreters are preparing for the November changes thanks to [Read More...]

The new missal: what will you be singing?

One of the most popular publishers of Catholic liturgical music is Oregon Catholic Press, or OCP.  You find their hymnals in a lot of parishes around the U.S., and their settings for the mass are probably among the most familiar anywhere.  (“Celtic Alleluia,” anyone?) Their website is now offering samples of some of the new [Read More...]

Will the new missal really make the mass more reverent?

Probably not, according to Fr. Dwight Longenecker — and he makes some good points: Mass isn’t reverent simply because you start using lofty language that ‘sounds religious’. True reverence is the fruit of a condition of heart. Reverence in worship is a by product of a certain type of Catholic mindset. It is not the [Read More...]

Extreme Makeover: the "Gloria" edition

Well, it’s not that extreme…but it’s definitely different. Here’s something that may be coming your way next Advent: the new “Gloria,” composed by Jeff Ostrowski, to accommodate the new translation of the Roman Missal.  H/T The Anchoress. Give a listen, below. [Read more...]

Priests in NYC call for halt to new missal

I haven’t heard of anything like this happening elsewhere.  But it seems priests from two vicariates in the Archdiocese of New York are calling for a delay in implementing the new English translation of the Roman Missal (slated to start next Advent). They drafted the following resolution: Whereas, many priests have not had the opportunity [Read More...]