On non-Catholics and Communion. Again.

After last week’s discussion about what to say at weddings and funerals about receiving Communion, canon lawyer Ed Peters has read over some of the announcements in that post and has a suggestion:  There are various reasons why one might not approach for Communion. One might not have fasted for an hour before Communion time [Read More...]

Archbishop: rules on Communion reception could be relaxed

Hot on the heels of this item, on non-Catholics and Communion, a reader alerted me to this, from The Tablet in London: Restrictions on Christians from other denominations receiving communion in the Catholic Church could be relaxed, the Archbishop of Birmingham has said. Archbishop Bernard Longley, who is co-chairman of the Anglican Roman Catholic International [Read More...]

Canon law experts discuss Church teaching on divorce, remarriage and communion

From Catholic News Service:    Recent remarks by Pope Francis about the need for a stronger pastoral approach to marriage and divorced couples, do not signal the church is overturning its laws or practice of denying communion to Catholics who divorce and remarry, said two canon law experts. When Pope Francis made parenthetical reference to [Read More...]

Report: Pope Benedict ordered changes to baptism rite before he resigned

A small but significant change appears to be forthcoming, according to Sandro Magister:  The Sunday after the Epiphany is the Sunday of the baptism of Jesus. And on each of these Sundays, year after year, Benedict XVI administered the first sacrament of Christian initiation to a certain number of children, in the Sistine Chapel. Each [Read More...]

“The Craziest Priest in Italy” Performs During Wedding Ceremony

Well, the Anglicans have their musical quirks—and so, it seems, do we Catholics. From HuffPo:  The Rev. Bruno Maggioni is making a name for himself in Italy, but it’s not for his rousing sermons. Maggioni has begun to garner quite the following for his wedding theatrics, singing and dancing his way through ceremonies in the Italian town [Read More...]

Priest Develops App to Let His Flock Know When He’s Hearing Confessions

Details:  God may be omnipresent — but His priests aren’t. So a holy man in Madison, Wisc., has turned to app development, along with divine guidance, to find a better way to tend to the needs of his 800-family flock. Father Richard Heilman is launching a My Confessor App that will let his parishioners know [Read More...]

Inspired by Pope, Boy Donates First Communion Money to Charity

Details from Allentown, PA: A young boy from Lehigh County is practicing what he preaches. Alex Trinidad, 8, recently celebrated his First Holy Communion. Family and friends gave him money for the occasion. Alex turned around and gave it to people in need. The elementary student donated $465 to the Ecumenical Kitchen in Allentown. “I [Read More...]

Priest Celebrates “Star Wars” First Communion

It happened in Germany. Details:  It wasn’t Darth Vader who gave the blessing to the first communion children. This was personally undertaken by Pastor Christoph Nobs with a bright green laser sword at the celebration of a Star Wars First Communion Mass. The idea for the stars-War Communion came from Nicolas Gkotses community director. Star [Read More...]

Mass Appeal: Celebrating the Liturgy—But Not in Church

Last month, I posted the unusual story about Mass being celebrated in a Manila shopping mall. Turns out, that’s not the only non-sacred place people can attend Mass in the Philippines: Every Sunday at the upscale Power Plant Mall in metro Manila, the establishment tucked between a Japanese chocolate confectioner and a modern Italian furniture [Read More...]

“I Am Not Getting Married in the Church. But I Want My Religion In Our Ceremony…”

This happens three or four times a year: someone I don’t know drops me an e-mail asking if I can perform a Catholic wedding in some place other than a church. Outdoors, maybe, or a catering hall. The presumption seems to be that if a priest can’t do it, maybe a deacon will. So it [Read More...]