Venezuela’s Food Shortage Could Mean Running Out of Bread and Wine for Communion

Details:  When it comes to Venezuela’s growing scarcities, not even the Roman Catholic Church has received a dispensation. Church officials say food shortages and foreign exchange restrictions are causing a lack of ingredients needed to celebrate Mass: altar wine as well as wheat to produce communion wafers. They say the wheat flour used for the [Read More...]

For First Time in History, Pope To Lead Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration Next Sunday

From Vatican Radio: From the Cook Islands to Chile, Burkina Faso, Taiwan, Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States, and the Philippines, people will unite in prayer with Pope Francis this weekend before One Lord and in One faith, for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration. The Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration, will be broadcast from St. Peter’s Basilica next [Read More...]

Reconciliation Revival?

Priests in one archdiocese are reporting more people celebrating the sacrament:  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted in November to make confession a priority nationwide for this pastLent. At the time, Roman Catholic leaders in the Archdiocese of Hartford were already preparing a Lenten campaign of their own. The archdiocese this year publicized its call [Read More...]

Cardinal Bergoglio on denying communion

Before he became pope, he had some thoughts on the subject.  Fr. Thomas Reese explains in the National Catholic Reporter:  In On Heaven and Earth, the book he co-authored with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Cardinal Bergoglio wrote, “One could deny communion to a public sinner who has not repented, but it is very difficult to check such things.” [Read More...]

Spring fever: First Communions, weddings and “people who act as though they are at a ball game”

My blog neighbor Fr. Mike Duffy notes that it’s that time of year again: the season for weddings and First Communions.  Unfortunately, as Fr. Duffy notes, these events are often the very definition of a “mixed blessing”: I would never want to be cold or discourage anyone from coming to Church.  But I do hope [Read More...]

Two small but significant changes regarding Communion reception—UPDATED

A website calls attention to this item in a USCCB newsletter on the new Roman Missal, from January: What does the Missal say about the posture of the faithful when receiving Holy Communion? What about Communion in the hand? Both of these questions are covered in no. 160 of the GIRM. It states clearly there that the [Read More...]

Future of Catholic weddings in Britain may be in doubt

Details:  Prof Christopher McCrudden said that there are serious questions over whether the 120-year-old legal basis on which 8,500 Catholic weddings a year are performed can even “survive” the passage of the bill currently before Parliament. He told MPs and peers that, unless urgent changes are made, Catholic bishops may have to reconsider whether priests [Read More...]

Have you been to confession lately?

This is Reconciliation Monday for the greater New York area — every church in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island will be open to hear confessions today from 3 pm to 9 pm. You can read more here.   I wrote about the sacrament and its effects from a personal perspective a few [Read More...]

Deacon baptizes man on death row before scheduled execution

From the Georgia Bulletin: Warren Hill received the sacraments of the Catholic Church on Feb. 14, in a confined area near his cell where he was awaiting his execution in five days. Deacon Richard Tolcher, who had been meeting regularly with the 52-year-old and teaching him about prayer, the sacraments and the Catholic faith, baptized [Read More...]

What’s wrong with giving out blessings during communion? —UPDATED

Lots. Especially if the one doing the blessing is a lay person. Fr. Z rants about it again this morning. I posted on this topic last year. With Easter approaching, and more people crowding into churches (and more EMHCs likely being pressed into duty), it’s worth revisiting this thorny issue. As a priest mentioned last [Read More...]