Heavenly and heartbreaking: Newtown kids singing “Over the Rainbow”

Kids from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday with singer Ingrid Michaelson for a sweetly moving rendition of a song that, I dare say, has never resonated quite like this. Check it out, and learn the story behind it, below.  Warning: Kleenex suggested. [Read more...]

“I thought about Paul”: the compassionate courage of the pastor in Newtown

A colleague at work noted today, “It’s at moments like this that the Church as at Her best.” As evidence, here’s a great profile of a great priest, from the Washington Post:  As if it were any normal day, Monsignor Robert Weiss had his usual breakfast at the Sandy Hook Diner — a short stack [Read More...]

At Newtown parish, “faith in action”

A beautiful testimony to the power of prayer, and the power of presence, from the National Catholic Register:  Nothing seemed different about the well-traveled two-lane route leading into this Connecticut community on Saturday. Newtown looked for all purposes like the typical scenic, small New England town — the way it always did. The turn at the [Read More...]

The story behind one iconic image of the Newtown shootings

Photo: Shannon Hicks/Newtown Bee This picture was one of the first images to circulate widely, just after the story broke, and it remains arguably the defining image of this tragedy. A writer with Poynter Institute, Julie Moos, explores how a small weekly paper is covering a story of global interest and national significance, and she [Read More...]