St. Patrick, son of a deacon

Leave it to Bill Ditewig to remind us of that intriguing fact—and a few other things, too: So, we all know the things that are NOT true about St. Patrick: He wasn’t Irish by birth, he didn’t really cast out snakes from Ireland, he wasn’t the first person to bring Christianity to Ireland, and he [Read More...]

Is St. Patrick wearing a dalmatic?

Why yes, it appears he is: Bishops will do that, from time to time—these days, it’s not an uncommon practice at diaconate ordinations—as a sign of the bishop’s connection to the order of deacon. It’s debatable, though, whether they dressed like that in the 4th century.  (And let’s not even get into the question of [Read More...]

Going for brogue: renewed interest in Irish language at CUA

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day comes this story about  growing interest in the ancient language of the Irish: Fifteen students gathered inside a basement classroom at Catholic University on a recent evening to ponder a laminated vocabulary list that looked like some language instructor’s cruel joke. The words were jumbles of seemingly random [Read More...]