Atheists mock “Hail Mary” in Super Bowl billboard

There they go again. From The Christian Post:  American Atheists is putting up a new billboard making fun of prayer outside Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, where the Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on Sunday. The 14 feet by 48 feet billboard features a man in a priest uniform with the text “A [Read More...]

Meeting Paul Harvey

Those who loved the Dodge RAM/Paul Harvey Super Bowl ad — “So God made a farmer”—will appreciate this remembrance of the great radio personality by another great radio personality, Larry McCoy.  Larry hired me as a writer when he was the News Director of CBS Radio back in the 1980′s.  He posted the following on [Read More...]

Two buds: check out Budweiser’s sweet Super Bowl ad

And just keep repeating: “Men don’t cry.  Men don’t cry.  Men don’t cry.” [Read more...]

Best Super Bowl ad: the Dog Strikes Back

Here it is: arguably the best ad on last night’s Super Bowl — or, at least, the best one that didn’t star Clint Eastwood. (You’ll remember the VW ad being teased here.) [Read more...]

Just what you need for the Super Bowl: Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

I kid you not: After hearing that I was going to bake buffalo chicken cupcakes for the Super Bowl (with hot sauce and blue cheese in the cake and a blue cheese buttercream frosting), one of my friends asked if I would be baking the cupcakes as as a joke.  “Are they just supposed to [Read More...]

Remember this? A classic Super Bowl ad from 1976 starring a monk

With all the buzz these days about the upcoming Super Bowl ads, I thought this one was worth a second look.  The quality isn’t the greatest, but it’s awfully clever. [Read more...]

Touchdown! John 3:16 ad airs during Super Bowl

After first declaring that it was out of bounds because it contained “religious doctrine,” FOX relented and aired the ad last night. Details: Millions of Super Bowl viewers got a dose of Scripture Sunday night when a Christian group’s John 3:16 commercial was unexpectedly aired. Just before the fourth quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. [Read More...]

What is Super Bowl Sunday really about?

This little clip says it all.  God bless Bill Geist.  And, of course, George. [Read more...]

Fox rejects religious-themed Super Bowl ad

The ad references a familiar bible verse — and reports say that it was rejected by Fox for containing “religious doctrine.” Check it out below and see what you think. [Read more...]

Packers chaplain gets lots of ideas for his pre-Super Bowl homily

Ask and ye shall receive. Well, he asked for ‘em.  And he got ‘em. Details here: Reverend Jim Baraniak typically doesn’t ask for help with his homilies. But then again, he typically doesn’t deliver them to a team hours away from playing in the Super Bowl. “There is a lot on the line, therefore I [Read More...]