What you might not know about the pope’s “huge following” on Twitter

Details:  A good number of Pope Francis’ followers on Twitter are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) concentrated in Islam-dominated Middle East, a Vatican official said on Thursday. “When the Pope went on Twitter. We can see where in the world the Pope has followers,”  Msgr. Paul Tighe, among the Pope’s advisers managing his Twitter account @Pontifex, [Read More...]

Pope Francis sends out first tweet: “Pray for me”

It isn’t every day that you encounter these kinds of stats on Twitter: 1 TWEET. 1,991,949 FOLLOWERS. But here you go: the first tweet of Pope Francis: Details: Pope Francis made his first foray into the world of Twitter, making his first tweet on Sunday. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was chosen last week [Read More...]

Holy Father? There’s an app for that

Our tweeting pontiff is delving deeper into the world of social media and modern technology, and now can be as close as your iPhone. From CNS:  The Vatican launched a new “Pope App” on the eve of the release of the pope’sWorld Communications Day message, which will be dedicated to social networks as important spaces [Read More...]

“Dear Friends…”

With those two words, Pope Benedict officially entered the Twitterverse, sending out his first papal tweet. From Vatican Radio: Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first-ever message via Twitter under his personal Twitter handle: @pontifex, on Wednesday. “Dear friends,” wrote the Holy Father, “I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank [Read More...]