Shoot: county mandates no cursing for Valentine's Day

Well, dang. Can something like that actually work? The New York Times investigates: It’s shaping up to be a darn nice Valentine’s Day here in Mobile County. An optimistic band of middle school students hopes that for just one day no one in the county will curse. Perhaps people can substitute “sugar” or “snap.” Or [Read More...]

So who was St. Valentine, anyway?

There’s a lot that’s not known about this early saint, but what is known isn’t exactly romantic. From NPR, which peers into Roman history: From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had [Read More...]

For my Valentine, "you are my only one"

When my wife and I were first married, all those years ago, if we were driving around and this song came on the radio, we’d crank up the volume and sing along at the top of our lungs. We’re still singing. Thank you, God, for that beautiful gift. Happy Valentine’s Day.  [Read more...]

"Alive Together": a poem for Valentine's Day

Okay.  I know it’s a little early.  But I couldn’t resist.  I discovered this poem the other day and thought it was too good not to pass along in time for World Marriage Day and, of course, Valentine’s Day.  Share it with someone you love.  Speaking of marvels, I am alive together with you, when [Read More...]