“A living faith in a world of change”

“During the Council there was an emotional tension as we faced the common task of making the truth and beauty of the faith shine out in our time, without sacrificing it to the demands of the present or leaving it tied to the past: the eternal presence of God resounds in the faith, transcending time, [Read More...]

10 ways Vatican II shapes the Church today

From the USCCB comes this list, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, which will be marked next week. This piece was put together by Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, who chairs the bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship.  (I’m pleased to see that he mentions deacons, of course…) The [Read More...]

“A new voice in the pulpit”: deacons and Vatican II

The good people at AMERICA magazine asked me to write a few hundred words on how I thought the Second Vatican Council was continuing to impact the Church, and I decided to write about deacons:   A date most Catholics do not know may be one of the most important anniversaries on the church calendar: [Read More...]

Pope to new bishops: Vatican II was a new Pentecost, launching the New Evangelization

One of the new bishops meeting the Holy Father today happens to be my new pastor (I hope he brings me  back a tee shirt…) Details: “Every believer is called to the challenge of the new evangelization” Pope Benedict XVI said Thursday morning, and bishops must “boldly invite the people from every walk of life [Read More...]

Pope John XXIII: “My desk is piling up…what’s really necessary is a council”

And the rest is history. Check out this intriguing video from CNS, featuring an interview with the blessed pope’s secretary. [Read more...]

“A kneeling racist and an upright archbishop”

That was the headline for the picture above, which was reposted the other day in the excellent website run by Deacon Eric Stoltz, Conciliaria, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. As the post notes: On April 16, after a long period of negotiations with leading conservative segregationists of the Archdiocese of [Read More...]

Now for sale on eBay: a gold ring from Vatican II — UPDATED

Current bid: $1,440. It’s unclear just where this comes from, or who wore it  – but the description on eBay indicates it belonged to someone who took part in the Second Vatican Council: + This is a near impossible find these days + + A solid gold Vatican II “Miter ring” inside the old red [Read More...]

Remembering a great success of Vatican II: permanent deacons

With the anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council this week, Matthew Cantirino over at First Things takes note of something I often mention — a great success story of the Council, the restoration of the diaconate as a permanent order: The restoration of the permanent diaconate to the Western church …must rank [Read More...]

49 years ago today…

…what the world now knows as Vatican II began.  For that reason, today is Blessed Pope John’s feast day. Deacon Bill Ditewig looks back: What the great Pope John brought to the world, and what the Council he called emphasized, was a “novus mentis habitus” — a “new way of thinking” — about the world [Read More...]

The way we were: what did Catholics think of Vatican II in 1967?

Some intriguing answers can be found over at the excellent Pray Tell blog, which unearthed a Harris Survey from 1967. What were American Catholics saying about the changes in the mass and the Church? Check it out: Asked of their opinion of the changes to simplify and modernize the Church, 66.7% of US Catholics thought [Read More...]