The Habit of Bachelorhood

Dusclaimer: I believe I’m going to take the unprecedented step of distancing myself from, and apologizing for, this posting.

Blogging isn’t as easy as the best bloggers make it seem. In my case, an entire weekend went by without any sign of news that I felt competent to comment on in any depth. There are some subjects I understand better than my average reader, but I’m afraid double-dip recessions, fatal helicopter downings and plummetting national credit ratings don’t figure among them. My reaction to all three boils down to: “Oh, shizzle!” Since that must match most readers’ reactions word for word, it wouldn’t justify a trip here.

When I’m stumped for material, I turn inward: there, I’m at least fairly sure of my ground. The personal reflection is a worthy endeavor, if undertaken with the proper care and sufficient expertise, but I’m afraid this wasn’t — not really. Or rather, it’s too complicated a subject to do justice to in a single draft. This one has some good stuff in it, but bringing it up to the standard will probably take a considerable amount of reflection and re-working. Maybe, at some point in future, I’ll see fit to submit some of this material in a more sophisticated form. Or not. For now, I simply beg my readers’ indulgence. I will try to do better in future.

I thought about removing it, but — nah. I would have felt sneaky, like Khrushchev’s men spiriting Stalin’s body out of the state mausoleum. I’ll let it stand as a tribute to a “meh” day at the keyboard.

Update: A friend of mine, a hugely successful blogger, assures me it’s perfectly cricket to remove a post, provided you acknowledge you’re doing it. So, tovarishchi i grazhdane, General Secretary Stalin has left the mausoleum, and is buried by the Kremlin wall. Please do not venerate him.

  • Shannon

    Probably because, Max, you’ve adjusted to the closet.

  • AML

    Max, I decided in my mid-20′s that I had HAD it with “Hi. Your place, my place, or right here?” I concluded that I couldn’t pick ‘em, so I shouldn’t be dating. So I waited 30 years for Mr. Right.
    In retrospect, what I did was cop out on my duty to the continuation of Western civilization. Look at what has happened to childbearing in Europe and Asia — and here, except among immigrants. I’m sure I don’t need to draw you a picture.
    Maybe you’re cut out to be a priest!

  • Kevin

    A great essay. I wouldn’t write off female love just yet. Remember C.S. Lewis’s “Surprised by Joy”?

  • Mary

    I have a niece I’d like to introduce you to :)