Why I’m Still Catholic

I was raised Freudian. My father was a psychoanalyst; my mother had, at various points in her life, been an analysand. To hear David Brooks-type pundits tell it, every kid who grew up since Constantinople fell to Mehmet the Conqueror was suckled on lollipops and self-esteem. If only. In our house, it was taken for [Read More...]

Conversions at the Phoenix Islamic Cultural Center

When I first met Paul Griffin on Friday afternoon in front of Washington Park, during Jon Ritzheimer’s “Draw Muhammad” contest, he impressed me as a very big man with a very big voice and very strong opinions. (He also wore a very big hat — I wondered whether he’d mugged Curious George’s guardian for it.) [Read More...]

Phoenix: Civilizations Clash at Twilight

If you were up for some fun mischief – say, if you wanted to set off a whole bunch of M80s or tweak the nose of a major world religion – you couldn’t find a better place than the strip mall on 27th Avenue and I-17, in West Phoenix. Aside from a Denny’s and a [Read More...]