Funeral-Schmuneral, As Long As You Were Loved

Today in National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters writes that the Church is at her best at funerals. And by gum, he likes those funerals like he likes his booze — straight up, no umbrellas: Still less should those who have just lost a loved one be expected to devise an entire service. In the [Read More...]

Our Stinking Economy: A View from the Bottom

It’s pretty much unanimous: the economy will continue sucking for the foreseeable future. In Slate, Annie Lowery reports that housing prices are at a new low, private-sector job growth is falling, along with industrial production, consumer confidence and Wall Street. The good news? Any fool could have seen this coming a mile away: There is, [Read More...]

Is 80 the new 15?

According to the New York Times, the ascendance of mean girls in assisted living suggests that quite a few old, gray mares are exactly what they used to be: This phenomenon, a sort of social bullying, apparently comes as no surprise to administrators of senior apartments, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and senior centers. “What [Read More...]