Give Me A Palanca, and I’ll Move the World

Just this evening one of my readers PM’d me over Facebook and asked me to write a palanca for her husband, also a reader, who will be spending this weekend on a Cursillo retreat. She explained that a palanca is an encouraging letter written to someone who’s trying to deepen his relationship with God. Palanca [Read More...]

The Rising Cost of Price Tagging

Last Thursday, after arson damaged the administrative buildings of the historic Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and fishes at Taghba, in Israel’s Galilee region, Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom promised to bring the culprits to justice. Even if Shalom spoke with sincerity, he can’t have spoken with confidence. The fire shows all the markings [Read More...]

My Father, the Card

It is really something special to see a PhD holder and leading light of Manhattan’s overcrowded mental health care field with carmelized apple spilling from his nose like water from a gargoyle’s mouth. My father once extended that privilege to me. I was home on break from ASU and visiting him and wife No. 5 [Read More...]