The Economy Makes Nebbishes

Forget patriotism — Schadenfreude is the scoundrel’s true last refuge. And I confess to my chagrin it’s my gut reaction to reading Hanna Roisin’s essay, “The End of Men.” Rosin begins by noting that three-quarters of the jobs lost were once held by men, and that more than half of American jobs are currently held [Read More...]

Dutch Game Show: “You Are the Weakest Refugee — Goodbye!”

If you’re a refugee, preparing to be deported from the Netherlands, you can become a game-show star. The show, called “Weg van Nederlands,” which can translate either to “Away from the Netherlands” or “Crazy from the Netherlands,” offers panels of five soon-to-be deportees a competitive arena in which to prove how well they’ve assimilated into [Read More...]

Was Al-Jazeera Reporter Treated Ugly?

Really, I have no longstanding grudge against Texas, the soil that yielded Buddy Holly, Larry McMurtry and (I assume) Texas toast, and which received Pee Wee Herman so hospitably during his big adventure. It’s true, for about fifteen years, I had a Texas-born stepmother, whom one of my father’s friends properly calls “cold as a [Read More...]