The Meanest Jesus Ever

In her short story “Parker’s Back,” Flannery O’Connor describes the reaction of a tattoo aficionado to an image of Jesus that confounds all of his expectations. The ink lover, one O.E. Parker, employed as a farmhand since his bad-conduct discharge from the U.S. Navy and unhappily married to the dour Sarah Ruth Cates, has taken [Read More...]

Ask; They’ll Tell

I don’t imagine there will be much rejoicing in these quarters over the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which went into effect at 12:01 this morning. I had planned, by way of offering consolation, to blog on the career of Prince Eugene of Savoy-Carignan, whose armies won back a big share of Eastern Europe [Read More...]

Gamers Save World from AIDS

That’s a slight exaggeration. Okay, it’s a huge exaggeration. Still, it contains a solid grain of truth. University of Washington video game enthusiasts have succeeded in mapping the structure of the monomeric protease enzyme, which Yahoo! News calls “a cutting agent in the complex molecular tailoring of retroviruses, a family that includes HIV”: Figuring out [Read More...]