The Odd Thing About Sobriety…

Well, it’s Day Sixteen, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve felt no very strong urge to drink. It’s not that I’ve enclosed myself in any bubble; since the Sunday before last, I’ve passed by innumerable bars and liquor stores. True, I haven’t actually parked myself at a table with a bunch of friends who [Read More...]

The Addict Saint

When I taught ESOL in China, the first thing that struck me was the English first names the students had assigned themselves for the purposes of the class. They’d chosen them some years ago, when they first began studying, and were already quite attached to them. I can only assume they were inspired by their [Read More...]


My Higher Power must be pleased. I just returned from my first AA meeting in possession of a “24-hour chip” — an object that looks like an outsized arcade token, stamped with Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer. I’m told that if it melts in my mouth, then I can have a drink. How drinking became both [Read More...]