The Devil I Know

The devil has been prowling around Patheos like a roaring lion. Yesterday, Simcha Fisher warned that CharlieCharliechallenge, the hot new kids’ party game, is a form of occult lite that could lead grade schoolers on a roundabout road to perdition precisely by appearing so harmless. Her point is that Satan likes a bargain. Getting your [Read More...]

A Strange New Rosary

A few years ago, a homeless woman named Karen began turning up in my apartment complex at intervals of a few months. Some mental illness had left her with the conviction that she was the illegitimate daughter of Robert Francis Kennedy. Though I can’t remember how Karen and I first found each other, she took [Read More...]

New Arab Saints: A Fountain of Virtue to the Thirsty

The careful reader will note something forlorn in the words “Pope Francis presided over the canonizations…before a congregation of tens of thousands of people.” Josemaria Escriva’s canonization drew a crowd of 300,000 – and his popularity was, as everyone knows, far from universal. By St. Peter’s Square standards, “tens of thousands” just doesn’t add up [Read More...]