May Perpetual Wall Posts Shine Upon Them

I haven’t visited my dad’s grave since I helped — per religious custom — to spade the dirt back into it. It’s in Upstate New York, about three hours north of the City. Since his death, ten years ago, I’ve made several trips to Manhattan, but these stays were so brief, and undertaken on such [Read More...]

Barbara Johnson and the Quality of Mercy

Okay, here’s a list of the angles related to the Fr. Guarnizo controversy I’m not covering: 1. Whether or not Guarnizo was right to deny Communion to Barbara Johnson at her mother’s funeral Mass. (Canon law professor Ed Peters says no; at least half the people in Deacon Greg’s combox disagree with him.) 2. Whether [Read More...]

Just Desserts in the Desert

You can’t beat the desert for a good parable. Early in March, about ten years ago, my friend Rick and I went fishing with our friend Jimmy at a place in northern Arizona called Lee’s Ferry. We had woken up that morning to a snow flurry, but by the time we’d rented a jet boat, [Read More...]