Snob in a Sacred Space

I can’t believe I’m saying this openly, but last Sunday, for the first time ever, the Novus Ordo Mass started looking cheesy. My reaction did not reflect any evolution in my liturgical tastes: the previous week, I’d fled a church whose ambience was wound so tightly that I expected the priest and altar servers to [Read More...]

The Cain Mutiny

The acronym TINA — There Is No Other Alternative — may explain Herman Cain’s recent surge in the polls. As far as the Republican base is concerned, Rick Perry’s mandatory vaccinations and his provision of in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants put him in the same RINO pen with Mitt Romney. Quick — [Read More...]

The Economy Makes Nebbishes

Forget patriotism — Schadenfreude is the scoundrel’s true last refuge. And I confess to my chagrin it’s my gut reaction to reading Hanna Roisin’s essay, “The End of Men.” Rosin begins by noting that three-quarters of the jobs lost were once held by men, and that more than half of American jobs are currently held [Read More...]