The Sound of Sweet Idiocy

Kvetched Emily Dickinson: There’s a certain slant of light, On winter afternoons, That oppresses, like the weight Of cathedral tunes. Well, duh. Afternoon winter light is supposed to be depressing, reminiscent of death and — so to speak — all that sort of rot. It’s only when the sound of “The Sound of Music” can [Read More...]

How Halloween Turned Me into A Godawful Misogynist

For the men’s movement, the proprietors of the Chateau Heartiste blog serve as a pack of John the Baptists, proclaiming that the Kingdom of Woman is at hand. Thanks to overly liberated, “hypergamous,” women and laws that may force men to pay child support for children they did not, in fact, sire, the mating game [Read More...]

The Renaissance of the Man-Cuddle?

I hadn’t been in Russia twelve hours before some guy kissed me on the neck. Having flown into Sheremeteevo Airport early in the morning, I checked into the hostel where my study group was to be quartered and spent the afternoon sightseeing. Upon returning early that evening, I discovered that — providentially — someone had [Read More...]