The Economy Makes Nebbishes

Forget patriotism — Schadenfreude is the scoundrel’s true last refuge. And I confess to my chagrin it’s my gut reaction to reading Hanna Roisin’s essay, “The End of Men.” Rosin begins by noting that three-quarters of the jobs lost were once held by men, and that more than half of American jobs are currently held [Read More...]

Newsweek’s Cover: Not Sexist, Just a Slap

The cover of this week’s Newsweek features Michele Bachmann. As many observers noted, it is not a flattering photo. Anyone old enough to have seen the movie Hot Resort, starring a very young Johnny Depp, will recal a minor character who is in thrall to some Maharishi figure. The expression she wears when venerating his [Read More...]

The Habit of Bachelorhood

Dusclaimer: I believe I’m going to take the unprecedented step of distancing myself from, and apologizing for, this posting. Blogging isn’t as easy as the best bloggers make it seem. In my case, an entire weekend went by without any sign of news that I felt competent to comment on in any depth. There are [Read More...]