Herman Cain: One Freaky Dude?

After some impressive displays of loyalty, a segment of the Republican base is losing patience with Herman Cain. A Reuters/ipsos poll conducted several days after the media reported allegations that Cain had sexually harassed former employees showed the percentage of Republicans who viewed him favorably had dropped to 57% from 66%. A 53% majority of [Read More...]

Herman Cain: the Candidate Who Cried “Liberal Racism”

Apparently, Iowans don’t give a hoot whether or not Herman Cain has ever sexually harassed anyone. A Washington Post poll reports that Cain’s popularity nearly matches Mitt Romney’s, at a rate of 23 percent to 24 percent. Meanwhile, 70 percent of Republicans have stated that the allegations will make no difference in their choice of [Read More...]

Herman Cain Betrays Smokers

For a while there, it looked like the Cain campaign bus was headed for a Passenger 57 moment. No, I don’t mean doubters would soon be given to understand that they should, in the words of the Wesley Snipes character, always bet on black. Rather, there emerged the possibility that the candidate would seize each [Read More...]