The Man in the Bulletproof Sweater Vest

In Slate, Julia Feisenthal tries heroically to crack the code of Rick Santorum’s sweater vest. She’s convinced it must mean something — the problem is, she can’t settle on a single meaning. The polysemiotic garment, Feisenthal writes, “lies at the intersection of practicality…and frivolity… The look is both boyish and grandfatherly, sporty and fusty, conservative [Read More...]

Al Qaeda to Iran: Darn Tootin’ We Done It!

Remember that scene in A Few Good Men, where Colonel Jessup, his pride having conquerd his instinct for self-preservation, screams, “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I ORDERED A CODE RED ON [WHATEVER THAT KID'S NAME WAS]“? Well, it looks like Al-Qaeda has reached that point, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the role of Lieutenant Kaffee. In [Read More...]

“If it Weren’t for You Meddling Kids”: Why Some Hate the Hikers

Something there is that doesn’t love a hiker. Specifically, there seems to be something about the Americans imprisoned for espionage after straying into Iran during a 2009 hike through Iraqi Kurdistan that really sets people’s teeth on edge. Karen Leigh reports in the Atlantic, “hatred has gone viral on the internet” since the news leaked [Read More...]