Christianity and Islam: an Alliance of Civilizations?

When the Cairo embassy’s statement condemning the film Innocence of Islam was mis-attributed to President Obama and mistakenly reported as a response to the murder of diplomats at the Benghazi consulate, Obama reacted in a commonsensical way. “It came from people on the ground who are potentially in danger,” he said. “And my tendency is [Read More...]

To Find Redeeming Value in the Crucifix

In The Tower, news site of the Catholic University of America, Travis Bichoso makes an excellent case why building a non-sectarian worship space for Muslim students would be a wonderful gesture of interfaith good will. The five-times-daily prayer obligation presents Muslims with serious challenges. To meet them, many “find empty classrooms, or maybe a corner [Read More...]

Was Al-Jazeera Reporter Treated Ugly?

Really, I have no longstanding grudge against Texas, the soil that yielded Buddy Holly, Larry McMurtry and (I assume) Texas toast, and which received Pee Wee Herman so hospitably during his big adventure. It’s true, for about fifteen years, I had a Texas-born stepmother, whom one of my father’s friends properly calls “cold as a [Read More...]