Cartoons and the Pious Mind

James Thurber claimed that he first gained a sense of the surreal from hearing the cliches of his neighbors and family in Columbus, Ohio. In the world of his childish mind, men left town under actual clouds, and women existed who were literally all ears. Hearing about Mrs. Huston, who was all cut up when [Read More...]

The Odd Thing About Sobriety…

Well, it’s Day Sixteen, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve felt no very strong urge to drink. It’s not that I’ve enclosed myself in any bubble; since the Sunday before last, I’ve passed by innumerable bars and liquor stores. True, I haven’t actually parked myself at a table with a bunch of friends who [Read More...]

Beware the Coach with An Artistic Temperament

High school football just went gothic. After Marcellus High’s junior varsity squad lost a game, head coach Jim Marsh ordered the team bus to stop at a local cemetery. Exactly what happened next is still subject to dispute, but some are claiming Marsh used this visit to the abode of the dead as the backdrop [Read More...]