Why I’m Still Catholic

I was raised Freudian. My father was a psychoanalyst; my mother had, at various points in her life, been an analysand. To hear David Brooks-type pundits tell it, every kid who grew up since Constantinople fell to Mehmet the Conqueror was suckled on lollipops and self-esteem. If only. In our house, it was taken for [Read More...]

Stuff Melkites Like

Like “fundie” and “papist,” the label “Melkite” began as an insult. Deriving from the Arabic and Syriac words for “royal” or “imperial,” it was coined by Syriac and Armenian dissenters to poke fun at those Christians who accepted the dictates of the government-approved Council of Chalcedon. Its meaning boiled down to “those who kiss the [Read More...]

Click Here for Altar Girls

One evening about a year after my baptism, my sponsor told me I should become an altar server. Finding a service niche to suit me was turning into a moral Rubik’s Cube for the both of us. I couldn’t sing or play an instrument. The local house of hospitality was, literally, overflowing with volunteers. It [Read More...]