The Man in the Bulletproof Sweater Vest

In Slate, Julia Feisenthal tries heroically to crack the code of Rick Santorum’s sweater vest. She’s convinced it must mean something — the problem is, she can’t settle on a single meaning. The polysemiotic garment, Feisenthal writes, “lies at the intersection of practicality…and frivolity… The look is both boyish and grandfatherly, sporty and fusty, conservative [Read More...]

The Catholic Liberal’s Lament

Is Obama a moron, or evil Lord Sauron? Here Catholic opinion’s divided: His accomodations of abominations Are being quite roundly derided. With bowdlerized cusses, George Weigel now fusses O’er relativists and their schemes. “No way” from Chaput creates great ado; Defiance becomes the new meme. Scalia, so sorely, sings “Roddy McCorley” And stirs up the [Read More...]

Here Comes Everybody? Don’t Bet on It

According to an old aphorism, a little anti-Semitism is good for Jews. Since the Obama administration announced the guidelines for its Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a new consensus has emerged that a little anti-Catholicism is good for Catholics. On its blog, the USCCB proudly declares “a true ‘here comes everybody’ moment,” and dsplays [Read More...]