Why the World Loves A Ham

In considering Fr. Corapi’s appeal, Fr. Dwight Longenecker makes the point that sanctity and flamboyance are easy to conflate — fatally so. The truly devout and holy are easy to miss, and often prefer it that way: It’s nauseating. Stop and consider that the real saints are hidden. They follow the little way. If you [Read More...]

Corapi Resigns Alaska Governorship

“I’m not a quitter,” insisted the bearded priest-turned talk-radio host in his famous stentorian basso. “But people who know me, know that, besides faith and family, nothing is more imporant to me than our beloved Alaska. My particular mission was speaking, writing, and teaching—not so much in the sacraments, but outside of them, in conjunction [Read More...]

Deacon Checks Corapi’s Math

Deacon Greg Kandra does a splendid of of explaining why John Corapi’s attitude toward the priesthood could stand a little fine-tuning. (He quotes Herman Melville, too, which I think is pretty cool): Of all the bizarre comments contained in John Corapi’s rambling speech on Monday, there was one that struck me as especially strange, and [Read More...]