St. Anthony and the Contact Lenses

Readers have noted, with varying amounts of good and ill-will, that some of my blog entries are afflicted with typographical errors. It’s true, and there’s a good reason for it. My contact lenses, which I cannot at the moment afford to replace, are finely coated with what a friend says is protein — not the [Read More...]

The Patron Saint of Celebrity Crime Casualties

A word to the wise: don’t ask NCR’s Michael Sean Winters if he’s been keeping up with the Casey Anthony case. He’ll probably tell you something along these lines: I refused to watch a single moment of the Casey Anthony trial. I refused to watch a single news story about the trial. This took some [Read More...]

Why the World Loves A Ham

In considering Fr. Corapi’s appeal, Fr. Dwight Longenecker makes the point that sanctity and flamboyance are easy to conflate — fatally so. The truly devout and holy are easy to miss, and often prefer it that way: It’s nauseating. Stop and consider that the real saints are hidden. They follow the little way. If you [Read More...]