I Have Heard You Calling in the Night

The voice came in the quietest part of the night, and it was loud enough to pull me out of my sleep. “Threat has been detected,” it said. I couldn’t place it. It belonged to a woman, which, in this apartment, made it a novelty. It seemed to be coming from the living room. Then [Read More...]

Phoenix and the Prophetic Life for Beginners

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece titled “Heaven in the Jungle” about the archaeological digs along the east bank of the Jordan River. According to a great deal of expert opinion, these include the very spot where John the Baptist met and baptized Jesus. I omitted one observation that fairly obsessed me [Read More...]

Coda: Jordan, An Unpretentious Little Palace

It happens all the time in Jordan: You’re cruising on some road, gazing up at the looming hills, when, without warning, the ground on one side falls away. Right then, you realize that you’re actually creeping along an impossibly steep palisade, and that the real view is in the ravine below. That was the experience [Read More...]