Splitting the Difference on the Mercy Logo

Yes, the logo for the Year of Mercy is an eyesore — and that’s if you’re smart enough to look away after giving it a quick glance. Woe betide those who look twice: they run the risk of being hypnotized. Jesus‘ limbs seem to be made of rubber. Dainty pinpricks represent the wound he sustained [Read More...]

Revenge Porn for the Righteous

In its Christmas, 2014 issue, the Catholic literary magazine Dappled Things published a link to “Thank You for the Light,” a story submitted by F. Scott Fitzgerald to The New Yorker in 1936. In only 1,200 words, Fitzgerald recounts how Mrs. Hanson, a “pretty, somewhat faded woman of forty” who sells corsets and girdles, faces [Read More...]

I Have Heard You Calling in the Night

The voice came in the quietest part of the night, and it was loud enough to pull me out of my sleep. “Threat has been detected,” it said. I couldn’t place it. It belonged to a woman, which, in this apartment, made it a novelty. It seemed to be coming from the living room. Then [Read More...]