The Habit of Bachelorhood

Dusclaimer: I believe I’m going to take the unprecedented step of distancing myself from, and apologizing for, this posting. Blogging isn’t as easy as the best bloggers make it seem. In my case, an entire weekend went by without any sign of news that I felt competent to comment on in any depth. There are [Read More...]

…Then Someone’s Not Being: A Reply to Elizabeth

Today, in First Things, my mentor, gaffer and friend Elizabeth Scalia does a very gutsy thing. She talks about homosexuality in a way that affirms nobody’s orthodoxy: Wondering whether being born gay might constitute a “call to otherness,” she continues: I have a theory that our gay brothers and sisters are, in fact, planned, loved-into-being [Read More...]

Is Sexual Addiction A Feminist Victory?

Hanna Rosin, writing for Slate, thinks it might be, but allows she’s betting against the house: When Tiger Woods checked himself into the Gentle Path sex addiction clinic, many women writers and activists reacted with suspicion and rancor. Lemondrop asked if the treatment is “merely a way for philandering men to pay lip service to [Read More...]