Give Me A Palanca, and I’ll Move the World

Just this evening one of my readers PM’d me over Facebook and asked me to write a palanca for her husband, also a reader, who will be spending this weekend on a Cursillo retreat. She explained that a palanca is an encouraging letter written to someone who’s trying to deepen his relationship with God. Palanca [Read More...]

Phoenix: Civilizations Clash at Twilight

If you were up for some fun mischief – say, if you wanted to set off a whole bunch of M80s or tweak the nose of a major world religion – you couldn’t find a better place than the strip mall on 27th Avenue and I-17, in West Phoenix. Aside from a Denny’s and a [Read More...]

Are We Ready for Our “Holocaust Literature” Yet?

This past Saturday on Facebook, a friend of mine posted an e-mail forwarded her from a friend of hers who was working in a relatively safe part of the Middle East. The author of the original message – a man unknown both to my friend and her friend – claimed to be a Catholic aid [Read More...]