Do Soap Berries Really Work?


Recently, I was at Costco and I found a monstrous size bottle of Greenshield Organic Soap Berries. I’d heard of these little nuggets before, but never tried them, so I picked up a barrel (or so) … Jenya’s laundry day experiments [Read more...]

Friday Fear-mongering


Jenya writes on fear and how to manage it. [Read more...]

Everything Out There is In Here Too

Light at the End of the Tunnel

All of these things are *out there* and also *in here*. Every problem I see in the world, I see in myself. It’s tempting to turn toward my “personal work” and stare at my bellybutton until I don’t find any of those aspects in me anymore, but meanwhile, the problems go on in the outside world. [Read more...]

A Puzzle of Infinite Pieces


As humans in our human world, there are pieces of the puzzle that we will never connect with. There are powers that cannot be mediated into the world of refrigerators and books; those who remember us before the planting of crops, when we struggled to survive on what was given us. At some point, if we need to, possibly we can find them again. Possibly, out of pity, they will help us. [Read more...]