13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ On Spring


13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ On Spring: A set of thoughts/questions to help us root into the season of growth, seek wisdom within and without, and share what we find…

Meditate on what comes up for you, do some free-writing, or make it a conversation with your family, coven or working group. Enjoy as you Will! [Read more...]

An Invocation to the Gods of Spring

spring girl

From the Shapeshifter BoS ~ an invocation for the Spring Equinox / Ostara. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Ostara Egg Magicks


There are lots of magicks one can do with eggs and this is a great time of year for it. New beginnings, life changes, love and money, healing, protection; there are egg spells for all these activities. Let’s take a look! [Read more...]

Sir Terry Pratchett ~ Goodbye and HELLO

terry pratchett altar

I had a few important teachers from whom I accidentally learned really crucial parts of my practice. Sir Terry Pratchett was one of them. [Read more...]

Wheel of the Year ~ The Blessings of Spring


Spring is a precious time. When things are new, they are fragile. Sometimes it feels that a noise or a word will make all our seeds die. It is from this place of vulnerability that we begin to build a magickal practice based on being centered in our true selves, full of our true measure of Power, deeply and lovingly connected with the Earth, the Sky, Sun, Moon, Stars and all other helpful beings in this glorious Universe. [Read more...]

The Moon Said This ~ A Poem


The moon said this When she called me out Out to where she could see me with her one bright eye When she called me out For forgetting our date For not bringing flowers For not telling her how beautiful she is When she called me out For inattention to her trickling silver over the [Read More...]

Goats and Gas ~ A Dangerous Combination

thistle eating

What’s the solution to this little goat’s problem? Jenya writes on the scariness of poor health in the herd. [Read more...]

An Immensity of Roses


Friends, I’ve been phoning it in for the past couple of months. I guess the writing’s been okay, but there’s not been enough of it! Not posting a lot = not many folks reading. Not many folks reading = sad writer.

But here’s the thing: there is this little house we are in. Outside this little house is an orchard with apple trees that have been there for decades; there are also new apple and pear trees just getting their legs under them. They all want mulch and songs. [Read more...]

Goats ~ the Living with and the Learning from


Master of the Herd, I invite your wisdom. Keeper of the mysteries of Queenship and conflict, be with us in our time of need. Give us the answers we seek to keep peace in the family, to give each their due, to hold the value of all. Bless us and blessed be~ [Read more...]

The Animal You Are~ a meditation on our creature-hood

slip the fence yo

Mother Earth, dark and fecund, hold me to my flesh. Help my molecules to slow to an easy vibration. Teach me to center into depth, root into confidence, remember my part in the dance. Bless me and blessed be. [Read more...]