Kindness and Care ~ Yule Traditions

Yule Tree 2014

How to celebrate Yule from the Heart: This time of year, we tend to look at our fellow humans with a changed perspective. I believe that somewhere deep within us we remember how it was to be uncertain of our survival through the winter. In the ancient village, when each person was necessary to the whole, it was important that all were cared for. [Read more...]

Wheel of the Year~ Winter Solstice at the Pagan Homestead

the star the star

@patheospagan @dirtheartwitch @jenyatbeachy How do we celebrate #Yule on the Homestead? Candles and comedy, singing and silence, fire and food. And holding Vigil for the Gods. [Read more...]

Pregnant Goats ~ Life Goes On

Daisy and Lilly goat

I just returned from a trip.  While I was gone, I received an email that Lilly the Goat is pregnant.  Hooray! Who’s Lilly, you say?  Wait, let me back up! About 2 weeks ago, I found on Craigslist that someone was selling a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, 3 does, one with 8 week [Read More...]

Slow Thinking, Slower Words on #Ferguson #MikeBrown #EricGarner


@patheospagan @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch ~ Breaking silence with Slow Thinking, Slower Words on #Ferguson #MikeBrown #EricGarner [Read more...]

Every Child ~ A Poem


Words are hard. I am right now hopeful and happy to be gathering my Family together for meetings/food/games and also furiously angry at the unholy bullshit in the world. I was trying to write something intelligent and inspiring about both of these things, but then Matthew found this poem by his Baba and I realized that this pretty [Read More...]

Thanksgiving and Taking


I am fond of the idea of the gift economy. Not the BUYGIFTS! economy, but the give-gifts economy. It’s the offering of a thing or a service with no expectation. There’s no real record-keeping and sometimes its hard to tell who is on what side of the transaction. @patheospagan @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch [Read more...]

Permaculture and Pumpkins

For a System to be sustainable, energy must be exchanged.  We traded knowledge for pumpkins!

And of course, the concepts of permaculture are applicable, not only to land-use, but to all sorts of systems. What is the natural flow in your community? In your family? Your body? Where is the power stored and how does it move? What are the nutrients and are there enough? Is the system sustainable at this level of output? [Read more...]

Let’s Make Soda ~ Fermented Blackberry!


Are you ready for a new taste sensation? Put this up with Ginger Beer for sheer awesomeness~ [Read more...]

The Homestead in Transition

horse in aromas

Big changes at the Homestead ~ Jenya writes on a new adventure! [Read more...]

The Magickal Healing Power of Making Chicken Stock


@patheospagan @dirtheartwitch The Urban Pagan Homestead, Jenya writes on getting back from the Bad World to the Good. Also chicken stock. [Read more...]