An Immensity of Roses


Friends, I’ve been phoning it in for the past couple of months. I guess the writing’s been okay, but there’s not been enough of it! Not posting a lot = not many folks reading. Not many folks reading = sad writer.

But here’s the thing: there is this little house we are in. Outside this little house is an orchard with apple trees that have been there for decades; there are also new apple and pear trees just getting their legs under them. They all want mulch and songs. [Read more...]

Goats ~ the Living with and the Learning from


Master of the Herd, I invite your wisdom. Keeper of the mysteries of Queenship and conflict, be with us in our time of need. Give us the answers we seek to keep peace in the family, to give each their due, to hold the value of all. Bless us and blessed be~ [Read more...]

The Animal You Are~ a meditation on our creature-hood

slip the fence yo

Mother Earth, dark and fecund, hold me to my flesh. Help my molecules to slow to an easy vibration. Teach me to center into depth, root into confidence, remember my part in the dance. Bless me and blessed be. [Read more...]

Brigid, First of My Mothers (a poem)


A poem for the First of my Mothers~ the “Lady” Brigid (she laughs when I call her “Lady” but I like it :)) [Read more...]

Hear from Me this Secret ~ An Imbolc Meditation


Where does God live in You? The Goddess calls to us, Her Beloved Children, at this turning of the Wheel, to come and hear a secret… [Read more...]

Life With Goats~Day 1

2015-01-18 14.43.05

Jenya writes on Goat Stewardship~ Day 1 [Read more...]

A Tiny Winter Meditation


How can we stay present in *this very moment*? Wait, that one’s gone. *This one*. Oh, that one’s gone too…@patheospagan @dirtheartwitch @jenyatbeachy [Read more...]

Merry New Fire!

holly king 2013

@patheospagan @dirtheartwitch @jenyatbeachy Jenya writes on an old or possibly new or really it doesn’t matter New Calendar tradition… [Read more...]

Kindness and Care ~ Yule Traditions

Yule Tree 2014

How to celebrate Yule from the Heart: This time of year, we tend to look at our fellow humans with a changed perspective. I believe that somewhere deep within us we remember how it was to be uncertain of our survival through the winter. In the ancient village, when each person was necessary to the whole, it was important that all were cared for. [Read more...]

Wheel of the Year~ Winter Solstice at the Pagan Homestead

the star the star

@patheospagan @dirtheartwitch @jenyatbeachy How do we celebrate #Yule on the Homestead? Candles and comedy, singing and silence, fire and food. And holding Vigil for the Gods. [Read more...]