A Piece of the Sun from God ~ A Poem


Luckily, I got a piece of the Sun from God ~ @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch on @patheospagan shares a poem on the changing seasons [Read more...]

Abject Terror and Perfect Peace


My body hurt like hell. Back pain, neck pain, joints creaking (and that is LOUD in a silent room!) I felt waves of anger pouring out of me during the Metta practice, which is supposed to be all about Lovingkindness. I felt like punching someone in the face. ~ @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch @patheospagan Jenya writes on the Silent Retreat [Read more...]

Do Soap Berries Really Work?


Recently, I was at Costco and I found a monstrous size bottle of Greenshield Organic Soap Berries. I’d heard of these little nuggets before, but never tried them, so I picked up a barrel (or so) … Jenya’s laundry day experiments [Read more...]

Magickally Delicious Chicken Foot Soup


At the Urban Pagan Homestead at Patheos Pagan, Jenya writes on Chicken Foot Soup: …”really good for this time of year for a few reasons: it’s crazy delicious, super good for you, and chicken feet look very zombie-like when they’re cooked. Happy Samhain!” [Read more...]

We’re All Monsters ~ (just a little bit of a rant*)


At the Urban Pagan Homestead @patheospagan, Jenya writes just a little bit of a rant on the humanity and monstrosity in each of us. [Read more...]

Friday Fear-mongering


Jenya writes on fear and how to manage it. [Read more...]

13 Thoughts to Ponder ~ on Autumn


A new feature from Jenya T. Beachy: “13 Thoughts to Ponder” ~ Meditations on the season of Autumn. [Read more...]

Sharing Chickens with a Bobcat

Not this one, but one like this!

Blessed be the hunter and the hunted. Blessed be human-power and cat-wisdom, our similarities and our differences. Blessed be the sacrifice. [Read more...]

Mothers of Autumn ~ A Poem

“Those of us who bring forth Life in the Season of Death
Touch the deepest of Mysteries:
Our Womb is Her Womb
The Cavern of Silence, the recurring Tomb…”
Jenya writes on becoming a mother in the imminent dark time [Read more...]

Is It Really Just About God and Goddess?


Is the love story between the Goddess and God the only story there is? Jenya writes on the Biggest Love. [Read more...]