Slow Thinking, Slower Words on #Ferguson #MikeBrown #EricGarner


@patheospagan @jenyatbeachy @dirtheartwitch ~ Breaking silence with Slow Thinking, Slower Words on #Ferguson #MikeBrown #EricGarner [Read more...]

Every Child ~ A Poem


Words are hard. I am right now hopeful and happy to be gathering my Family together for meetings/food/games and also furiously angry at the unholy bullshit in the world. I was trying to write something intelligent and inspiring about both of these things, but then Matthew found this poem by his Baba and I realized that this pretty [Read More...]

Mothers of Autumn ~ A Poem

“Those of us who bring forth Life in the Season of Death
Touch the deepest of Mysteries:
Our Womb is Her Womb
The Cavern of Silence, the recurring Tomb…”
Jenya writes on becoming a mother in the imminent dark time [Read more...]

Wheel of the Year~Autumn Equinox at the Homestead


““My Lord, I hear the sounds of the successful Hunt and I feel the rightness of Death. All things, all beings, must leave this life, and their falling is as glorious as their rising.” “Lady, you speak wisdom. Death feeds Life feeds Death, and so it shall always be. Now the days grow short, and there is still much to be done. I look forward to the time when I will rest in your arms.” Jenya writes on the beginning of the end… [Read more...]

Slaughtering Chickens

“Slaughtering chickens isn’t easy. It’s simple, but not easy.” Jenya writes on the process and poetry of hand-killed meat. [Read more...]

Everything Out There is In Here Too

Light at the End of the Tunnel

All of these things are *out there* and also *in here*. Every problem I see in the world, I see in myself. It’s tempting to turn toward my “personal work” and stare at my bellybutton until I don’t find any of those aspects in me anymore, but meanwhile, the problems go on in the outside world. [Read more...]

Your life isn’t made of what you are hurrying toward…

a tiny portion of a huge blessing

I have a big, fat, awesome trip to the UK beginning tomorrow and I’ve been full of planning and worrying and preemptive homesickness. My daughter’s been at Oxford for a month now and I’ll be meeting up with her at my student’s home in Sheffield for a few days of fun and juju before traipsing off to sample a whole wide assortment of across-the-pond goodness. I’m going to miss my beloved husband, my dogs, my chickens and trees. My dirt.

And all that thinking/feeling is landing me squarely in The Future. [Read more...]

A Puzzle of Infinite Pieces


As humans in our human world, there are pieces of the puzzle that we will never connect with. There are powers that cannot be mediated into the world of refrigerators and books; those who remember us before the planting of crops, when we struggled to survive on what was given us. At some point, if we need to, possibly we can find them again. Possibly, out of pity, they will help us. [Read more...]

A Ritual of Morning

Pieris 'Temple Bells'1

Bless each day thusly: arise, delightful soul clothed in flesh, light streaming from your heart… [Read more...]

Welcome to the Urban Pagan Homestead!

Many Allies live here

The homestead is the place where we take responsibility for our deeds, consider carefully where our paths are leading us, and never forget that we are here not only to Serve, but to be in Joy. Plus: small gods, ginger beer, hoodoo spells, butchering animals, prayers and rituals, spinning fiber, more! [Read more...]