Snyder Softens Michigan Abortion Bill

That package of abortion bills making its way through the Michigan legislature got slightly less bad when the provision to ban all abortions after 20 weeks was quietly stripped out of the bill. Tim Skubick, the dean of the state’s capitol reporters, says Gov. Rick Snyder got it pulled:

She and others may be shocked to find out what really happened is the governor, who calls himself “pro-life,” privately sent word that he would not support the 20-week provision. Notice that he did it without fanfare, no news conference, no nothing except sending word he was not on board.

That cheer you just heard was from the pro-choice folks who have been patiently waiting for the governor to show some sign that he would stand up to the anti-abortion forces, which are mighty in the House and Senate.

As it turns out the Michigan Right to Life lobby was fully aware that that bill was not on the governor’s agenda, as he likes to say, so RTL did not recommend it as part of a package of anti-abortion bills. There was no sense going there, if he would not ride along.

However somebody in the House GOP caucus wanted to move the bill. Maybe that somebody didn’t know the governor’s stance or maybe that somebody was just testing the governor to see what he would do.

Either way instead of passing the measure, Republicans acquiesced to the governor’s position and quietly buried the bill.

That’s at least a little bit better. The rest of the bills are still terrible though.

"Theres a moral here, notice its the majority who believe this."

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