The Wingnut Secret to Winning the Election

One of the most amusing aspects of the post-election grieving process is watching all the loonies come out of the woodwork to declare that Romney and the Republicans could have won if only they’d focused on that person’s obsessive and bizarre theories. Here’s Paul Gilbert, the one who thinks Obama inherited Marxism from his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, saying that if only they had focused on his pet theory they would have won:

“I heard complaints from Rove’s conservative donors four weeks in advance of the election,” filmmaker Joel Gilbert told Accuracy in Media. “They kept asking, ‘where is the money being spent?'” The questions intensified after Obama’s victory and the Democrats achieved a larger 55-45 majority in the Senate.

Gilbert, who directed the documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,” about Obama’s Marxist roots, notes that Rove had argued to conservative donors that the winning strategy for Republicans was to place ads focusing on the poor economy.

Gilbert’s film, which was distributed to millions of voters and argued that Obama’s real biological and ideological father was Communist Party USA propagandist Frank Marshall Davis, attempted to expose Obama’s character and background. But Rove, Romney and Republican leaders did not want to raise these issues. In fact, Rove had argued that calling Obama a socialist or left-winger would backfire.

Gilbert argued that Obama was a pop-culture phenomenon with a high “likability” factor and that “Voters perceived Obama as a nice man with an inspiring family story.” The right strategy, he says, was to expose Obama’s Marxist views, the role of Frank Marshall Davis in molding Obama’s political philosophy, and Obama’s questionable statements about his own upbringing.

Gilbert says, “If Republicans had made Obama’s Marxist agenda and personal background the main issues of the campaign, Americans would have had a much clearer understanding of the choice between American values and Marxism.”

Or they could have focused instead of Dinesh D’Souza’s equally loopy idea that Obama’s Kenyan-born father, a man he saw a total of twice in his entire life, turned him into an “anti-colonialist” (as if that could possibly be a bad thing). It’s so hard when you have all these contradictory wingnut arguments to choose from.

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  • imrryr

    For 2016, I think the GOP should consider hiring that “unskew the polls” guy.

  • jnorris

    Shows that the Republican National Committee has to tell all Republicans that the Tea Party Conservative Entertainment Industrial Complex does not speak for nor advises the GOP.

  • pacal

    D’Souza of course thinks that all anti-colonialism is bad, except of course for the American Revolution and any anti-colonialism against a Marxist regime like the Soviet Union.

    Specifically any anti-colonialism against a European power was and is in D’Souza’s opinion bad by definition because such anti-colonialism is thought of has an attack against Western values, which of course are by definition the source of all that is good in the world and that armed missionaries imposing such values by force are by definition a good thing and the motives of such missionaries are of course pure and virtuous and have nothing to do with such things as making a profit.

    D’Souza of course doesn’t for a moment notice the similarity with armed Marxist missionaries imposing their system by force.

  • They’re not contradictory. Obama is the wingnut’s boogeyman and, like any good horror movie, the boogeyman can turn up anywhere, doing anything. Thus he can be, all at the same time, a comunist, socialist, fascist, Islamic, Kenyan, American, anti-colonialist, who is a demon possessed Illuminatti member about to cancel the election, take away all your guns and shoot true blue red-blooded Americans down in the street and invite the UN, Iran, China and anyone else to take over the country.

    It all stands to reason … if reason is the last thing you are interested in.

  • slc1

    I really wish these clowns would get their stories straight. Is Obama’s real father Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X?

    Of course, both of these nutball theories would negate the Obama isn’t a natural born citizen nonsense as Davis and Malcolm were US citizens at the time of the former’s birth, as was Ann Dunham.

  • slc1

    Re John Pieret @ #4

    Was Obama a member of the Council on Foreign Relations before becoming president? Now there’s a real next of conspirators.

  • John Horstman

    Ooh, I’m going to write a shocking documentary about how Mitt Romney’s REAL father was ENIAC! 😛

  • The Lorax

    Oh yes, let’s claim that Obama is a socialist, that’ll work. Just like he’s a Muslim. Also not American.

    I think the GOP is turning into an episode of the Mythbusters with these repeatedly bad strategies. It’s like they’re trying to cut steel prison bars with dental floss as if they have a pathological need to determine if it can be done.

    Adam: “So where do we stand on ‘blatantly lying about the opponent’?”

    Jamie: “Obama got re-elected.”

    Adam: *looks into the camera* “Myth busted.”

  • Larry

    From the day he was first elected, the wingers have publicly called Obama just about everything under the sun. In private, they’ve called him the few missing things. Most people didn’t believe it and stopped listening. Does this idiot really believe that adding one more thing would have made any difference whatsoever?

    There is a fable that covers this pretty well. Something about a wolf.

  • baal

    Wingnuts –

    Doing fanfiction v reality daily.

  • There is a fable that covers this pretty well. Something about a wolf.

    Yeah, except this time, the kid is telling everyone the wolf has outrageous features and superpowers that no one has ever seen before, except in the comic books the kid reads when he should be doing his homework. And it’s different features and superpowers every time he opens his mouth.

  • In fact, Rove had argued that calling Obama a socialist or left-winger would backfire.

    You know you have a reality problem when your story isn’t even credible enough for Karl Rove to use.

  • thalwen

    In other words, the entire campaign should have been “Look! Obama is black!”

  • Sastra

    I can’t wait till we hear from David Icke.

  • John Hinkle

    And Gilbert’s plan would’ve worked if it weren’t for those meddling forty seven percent and the other couple of percent of Real Americans.

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    I really wish these clowns would get their stories straight. Is Obama’s real father Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X? – slc1

    Yeah, these wingnuts, eh? Next they’ll be telling us Adolf Hitler’s real grandfather was called Leopold Frankenberger!

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    In fact, Rove had argued that calling Obama a socialist or left-winger would backfire.

    Particularly interesting comment from Rove in the light of this poll: over 1/3 of Americans polled, and more than 1/2 of Democrats, have a favourable view of socialism. Of course, a lot of those with such a view won’t have any more idea than the wingnuts what socialism is, but they do like a lot of the measures the latter decry as socialist.

  • slc1

    Re Nick Gotts @ #16

    It is far more likely that Frankenberger’s biological father was L. Frankenberger then it is that either Frank Marshall or Malcolm X is Obama’s father. We know who Obama’s father is, his name is on the birth certificate. We don’t know who Alois’ father was because the father’s name is left blank and further, he was christened Schickelgruber, which was his mother’s name.

    Nice try though, close but no cigar.